“Lakers Pharma” – Pharmaceutical Investments

The pharmaceutical field is seen as one of the most solid and profitable potential investment channels. It is enough just to look at the dizzying success of the pharmaceutical giant TEVA to understand the depth of the potential in Israel and around the world. The Lakers Holdings Group has identified a sequence, where the following exist:

  • Rapid and consistent development of the world of medicine;
  • As a result, a rise in life expectancy;
  • Searches for solutions that will improve the quality of life.

On basis of this understanding, the group has decided to invest in the pharmaceutical field, when choosing A.R.Z. Chemicals International Trade Ltd. as its flagship initiative.

When Knowledge and Experience Join Forces

A.R.Z. Chemicals was founded more than 20 years ago by Chaim Zalmanovitz, who worked at TEVA for 25 years, during which he served in a variety of senior positions in the company. Today, as the CEO of A.R.Z. Chemicals and the director of the company main office in Israel, he is using the knowledge and experience that he accumulated over his years of employment to bring the company to prosperity and expansion.

World-wide Activity

A.R.Z. Chemicals concentrates on broad-based fields in the international pharmaceutical industry, including marketing and promotion of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) for drugs, support and consultations for businesses in this field and obtaining licenses for drugs and formulae that have reached their final stages of production.

The main offices of A.R.Z. Chemicals are located in Israel, but its activities are spread out over the Far East and Europe, and today include China, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland.

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