As a powerhouse in international investments, and as part of a well-developed management strategy, we invest in successful companies and start-up ventures from around the world. The broad and international outlook of the group enables it to quickly identify profitable business opportunities and to create value for the group’s investors.


Using comprehensive industrial and academic research, we choose revolutionary and exciting pharmaceutical and bio-tech companies, that improve the world and the pharmaceutical market with every product. The group gives its investors the opportunity to profit from the most innovative discoveries in the world of pharmaceuticals.


how to locate the most innovative technology companies with great accuracy, connect-up with the most promising entrepreneurs in the industry and invest in advanced research and exploration in order to locate the most profitable investments in the Hi-Tech world.


Our extensive expertise and experience in the Real-Estate world enable us to locate unique opportunities, to invest in the proper projects and to act in the interests of the group’s investors in Israel and around the world, in order to ensure the best return on their investments.

Broad Experience –

More than a decade of experience in various fields of investments.

Proven Success –

A rich portfolio made up of a variety of successful companies.

International Investment Power –

Identification of promising business opportunities from around the world.

Social Responsibility –

Connected with social-oriented businesses and the fourth sector in Israel.