Lakers Hi-Tech – Hi-Tech Investments

As part of its ability to identify and locate a variety of business opportunities, and from their ambition to expand and develop, the group has decided to establish “Lakers Hi-Tech”. The establishment of “Lakers Hi-Tech” was done from an understanding that this is a fascinating and developing field, which will bring in the most profitable income for it and for its customers. Based on this understanding, the group has just invested in a new internet initiative in a field that has become very popular on the net over the past few years: Online Boards.

The zipzupco.il website

A site which has been added to the investments basket of the group is ZipZup, which offers notice boards in various fields, including second-hand items, vehicles and job-ads. Thanks to the abundance and variety that the site offers, it contains a promising investment potential, which was also identified by the NRG portal belonging to Ma’ariv, which quickly bought it in the framework of an “exit”.

The Lakers Holdings Group relies mainly on its skilled human capital and knowledge, which due to its vast experience in the field of investments, knows how to locate promising initiatives and to realize its ambition to expand and develop, while being involved in the challenging and dynamic field of Hi-Tech investments.