Lakers Holdings Group

The Lakers Holdings Group, that started out as a real-estate investment company, has since then managed to grow and develop in many new, additional directions and place itself as one of the more active groups in the real estate, active pharmaceutical ingredients for drugs, investments in hi-tech and other fields.

Our Human Capital
The Lakers Holdings Group is a family-owned group, controlled by the businessman Yishai Zalmanovitz, who was wise enough to surround himself with a senior team that is outstanding in its abilities and experience.

Cross-continent Activities

The Lakers Holdings Group is spread out over many locations around the world, including Israel, the Far-East, Europe, Canada and more. The group’s development over the years has deepened and broadened its fields of activity into a variety of investment channels that include:

  • Real Estate properties and initiatives;
  • Companies in the internet and telecom fields;
  • Companies for active pharmaceutical ingredients for drugs;
  • Acquisitions and mergers of companies in Israel and around the world.

All these together have bonded the group into a local and international investment force with strong backing, that enables unlimited activity in any profitable field.

Our Credo

The Lakers Holdings Group has developed over the years a well-developed entrepreneurship management strategy, who has as its purpose one goal – the realization of all its objectives. The experience of the group’s team in the world of real estate and investments, and their ability to identify profitable investments, together with the group’s combined, robust base, paves the way to developing successful businesses around the world. The Lakers Holdings Group is moving forward with a long-term vision and outlook, with the purpose of building businesses that will bring about change and create true value in the framework of the markets where the group is active.