Fly Money

Our rich portfolio includes the One stop shop to sell traveler money under your own brand & with seamless integration – Fly Money. With presence in 117 Countries, 72 currencies and 100% delivery, Fly Money is a promising investment in the travel industry.

FACT: Every traveler brings about 250 dollars in cash per trip – part of a 260 Billion Dollar market – relevant for every sale you make.
Rather than having  a person pay high fees through currency exchange transactions either at banks or cash withdrawals from ATMs, travelers can now order and receive their travel money on your website using Fly Money technology but your brand.

How do they do that?
With Fly2Market, a plug & play solution developed by Fly Money, airlines and OTAs can offer their travelers 30 different currency exchange options, with highly competitive prices and in hand delivery at the airport.

Seamless Integration
Fly Money technology is designed so that integration is seamless, Fly2Market is a plug and play solution, available over web and mobile.

Regulation and License
Fly Money is a secure and safe currency exchange service. they comply with and are regulated by national financial institutions and authorities in every country the service is offered.