A “Start-Up” still in the Seed Stage

Whereas most of the venture capital funds are today invested in a wide variety of initiatives, few of them are ready to invest their money in ideas that are in the preliminary stages, on only paper. Such funds, known as Seed Funding, have been active for a while in the United States, and such a fund in Israel has lately joined its older sisters overseas: “Lakers – Super Angel Seed Funding”.

The Fields of Investment of the Lakers Holdings Group: Pharmaceuticals, Medical Equipment, Green Energy, Agrochemicals (products for protecting vegetation) and Real Estate.

Support and Direction at the Critical Stages

This innovative fund is meant to invest in companies at their very beginnings, known as the “Seed Stage” (in the professional slang), while locating and identifying the most promising among them.
Between five to ten companies per year are expected to enjoy investments from the fund, which will serve them as an anchor and as a steadfast source of support during their preliminary stages.
The scope of the fund’s activities is expected to be between $1 million – $5 million dollars, with most of the sum being raised by the various investors that are taking part in the project.
Goals of the Fund

The fund operates based on clear and exact goals, which ensures a broad financial base. When each of the investors in the group sets aside a small section of their capital for the benefit of the fund, each of them can be sure that they are involved in a calculated and profitable risk.